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    WFST10 – WizFloor 7mm Hidden Joint Interlocking Tiles

    The WizFloor 7mm Hidden Joint Tiles have a unique locking system hidden below the highly appealing lightly textured surface of the tiles, rendering it totally invisible providing additional protection to water ingress.


    • Injection moulded PVC with smooth leather grain surface
    • Push fit seam with bevelled edge


    • Retail Outlets
    • Schools and colleges
    • Offices


    Black  Dark Grey  Light Grey  Red  Blue  Yellow  Green


    7mm Specification

    Standard Material (PVC)

    Weight (kg)

    Polyvinyl Chloride

    2.2 kg / tile

    Tile Dimensions 500mm²
    BS EN 428 Thickness 7 ± 0.2
    BS EN 423 Staining Resistance
    BS EN 425 Castor Chair Suitability
    BS EN 427 Squareness & Straightness <0.04
    BS EN 660-2 Abrasion Resistance (wear group) T
    BS EN 649 Class 34/43 – Commercial Very Heavy/ Light Industrial
    BS EN 435 Flexibility (mm) No cracking at 10mm
    BS EN 20105 B02 Light Fastness >7
    BS EN 433 Residual Indentation (mm) ≤ 0.10
    BS EN ISO 140-8 Impact Noise Reduction (dB) 16
    BS EN 434 Dimensional Stability (%) 0.01
    BS EN 434 Curling After Exposure Heat (mm) 0.04
    BS EN 14041 European Building Standard
    EN 13501 Reaction to Fire Performance Bfl-S1
    EN 14184 Formaldehyde Content (Class) E1 (CWFT)
    BS EN 12667 Thermal Resistance (m2 k/w) 0.03807
    BS EN 1081 Electrical Resistance (ohms) ≤105-9
    BS EN 1815 Static Electrical Propensity (kv) <2.0
    BS EN 13893 Slip Resistance (class) DS
    DIN 51130 German Standard Slip Resistance R10

    Custom Logo Tiles

    Depending on your preference, we can use a hard wearing printing technique or industrial cutting machine to create any corporate design, photographic image, advertising or warning messages onto individual WizFloor tiles or over any number of tiles with no limit to size. The images are then protected using the factory applied Stainproof coating if printed for added protection and durability.

    The printed tiles or cut and inserted tiles can be incorporated into the standard WizFloor tiles, for use in entrances or to demarcate hazards.

    If using the cut method for creating the logo tiles, the colours are restricted to the following: Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Blue, Sapphire Blue, Red, Maroon, Yellow, Beige and White.

    Contact us for further information or to discuss your exact floor sign requirements.


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