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    Heavy Duty Line Floor Marking Solutions

    Why Is Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape Important?

    When it comes to your line marking needs, it’s absolutely imperative that you have taken some time to consider the different options available to you. Fortunately, as part of this consideration, there are a few options you could consider, and heavy duty line marking tape is just one of these. That’s why today, we will be looking at the benefits of heavy duty line marking tape, to help you decide whether this could be a viable solution for all of your line marking needs. So, don’t compromise! Let us give you the information you need to make the right decision for your requirements.

    What is a Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape?

    First of all, we actually need to answer the question of – what is heavy duty line marking tape? Indeed, while it might seem quite obvious what marking tape is used for (marking out lines).The specific details of what heavy duty line marking tape is a little more nuanced.

    So, let’s take a look briefly at what heavy duty marking tape is actually used for. Indeed, there are many different applications for this tape, and so being aware of these can help you ensure you’re getting the right marking solution for your needs.

    Heavy duty marking tape is used for marking out areas and regions. The tape is self adhesive; this means that it can easily be stuck to the floor without difficulty, allowing for regions to be rapidly and effectively marked out. Indeed, in times of covid, this has never been more important; more and more businesses are investing in Heavy Duty Floor Tiles marking tape for marking out social distancing guides and the like. Social distancing isn’t the only reason why you might need heavy duty marking tape, though. In fact, there can be a wide variety of different applications for these unique marking solutions.

    How Can I Use Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape?

    Have you been considering getting heavy duty marking tape for your commercial property or garage? If so, you should be aware of the different applications the tape can be used for. Fortunately, our team is on hand to give you some insight into the different applications of heavy duty marking tape.

    Marking Directions & Walkways

    In some business applications, you may need to mark directions and walkways– for example, if an aisle in a store is too narrow to be a two-way system, you may want to make it a one-way system instead. To this end, you could consider placing down arrows and the like to help your customers understand how the one-way system works, and give them advice about which direction they can walk down the aisle in.

    This can be effective for ensuring that your business remains safe, manageable, and friendly for your customers. It can also help prevent your customers from getting annoyed or frustrated, which can be common with one-way systems and can lead to customers spending less time shopping with your store. So, there is also the potential that heavy duty marking tape could help increase your customers’ time in the store and their spending potential.

    Storage and Space Allocation

    Another notable use of heavy duty marking tape is its ability to help organise storage and allocate space within your firm. This is most commonly seen in warehouse applications, where heavy duty marking tape is absolutely vital for ensuring that the right areas are used for the right purposes.

    As an example, let’s consider a typical supermarket warehouse. This warehouse is likely extensive in size and will hold a vast amount of goods within it. Furthermore, the warehouse is likely to be used to store many different types of product, from pet food to crisps and everything in between. As such, having set regions for storing set products can be useful.

    In this instance, marking tape can have two notable applications. The first is for allocating which spaces should be used for storage, and which should be kept as access. By marking the storage areas, your team will know where to keep certain products and goods, without blocking off access. This is vital, because invariably, blocked access could lead to numerous complications for the smooth operating of the warehouse.

    In addition to this, investing in coloured heavy duty marking tapes can help with further organising the space, with different product types being given different colours. While the exact colour coding system could vary depending on the business’ unique needs, this colour coding system could help make it easier for staff to store products, and improve efficiency for finding products that are needed as well.

    Mark No Entry Areas

    A further point of consideration for heavy duty marking tape has to be their ability to mark off areas that do not allow entry. There can be numerous reasons why you might need to close off an area, but the most common workplace reason is for health and safety reasons. Certain staff-only areas may also need to be closed off in order to ensure that staff can do their job effectively and safely.

    Fortunately, because of the versatility of heavy duty marking tape, it can be used in many different ways to meet this goal. Of course, the most obvious of these is that heavy duty marking tape can be used to ensure your staff know where their private premises are located. Furthermore, large marking tape signs on the floor can be a simple, affordable, and effective option for marking areas that are not open to the general public, which may make management of your business much smoother. As before, colour coded marking tapes could also be used to indicate which teams, or which levels of administration, can access each room or space within a business premises.

    Invariably, every business is run in different ways. However, it’s safe to say that heavy duty marking tape can be effective in helping your business manage its space. This, in turn, can help to keep everyone safe and happy.

    Marking Waiting Areas

    However, that’s not the only application of heavy duty marking tape – far from it, in fact. The next application we should consider is the use to mark out waiting areas and the like. This leads on naturally from marking out social distancing guides. With heavy duty marking tape, you can mark out where customers should wait to be served on the floor. This can help to prevent confusion among customers, who could otherwise be unsure of where to stand, and it can also help your team to manage waiting customers more easily.

    For example, a customer who is standing aimlessly in the wrong place may seem just like any other customer, and your staff may not know that they need attention. Fortunately, though, heavy duty marking tape can help to stop this being an issue. By clearly marking where customers should wait to be served, you can be confident that your team will know which customers need help. Meanwhile, your customers will be reassured by having somewhere to stand while waiting for assistance.

    Social Distancing Applications

    Most relevant in our current time is for marking out social distancing. Indeed, in order to open safely and keep their customers happy, businesses need to do their all to ensure that social distancing is adhered to. Not only does this keep the business compliant, but it also allows the business to give its customers peace of mind while shopping, which can help them to spend more confidence with your team. To this end, heavy duty marking tape can be used to mark out two-metre intervals to ensure that customers are not passing each other by or spending time in close proximity with other customers.

    Other Applications

    We’ve covered some of the most notable applications for heavy duty marking tape, however, these applications are really only limited to your imagination. Indeed, if you need a marking solution, heavy duty tapes could offer the right option for you to try!

    How Does Heavy Duty Tape Differ?

    At this point, you might be wondering how heavy duty tape can differ from a standard tape solution. Indeed, many people assume that one line marking tape is the same as any other. However, this is not the case at all, and there are actually a few notable reasons why heavy duty marking tape is a more effective, affordable, and reliable solution than generic marking tape.

    So, as part of this, we should consider the life of heavy duty marking tape. Standard marking tape often needs replacing since it wears out rapidly over time. This is especially true with regions of high footfall or high activity; in these areas, the high pressure placed on the marking tape can have important consequences for the tape’s lifespan. Heavy footfall can rapidly lead to the tape wearing out, and once the tape loses its adhesivity, it will begin to peel and fall off.

    We don’t need to explain why this isn’t an overly professional look for your business! Moreover, peeling tape will need to be replaced on a regular basis, and this can take up more time on the part of your team who could be spending this time more productively in other ways. As such, standard marking tape may not be able to do the full job.

    However, heavy duty marking tape is different. Because heavy duty marking tape solutions are made with higher quality materials and industrial floor tape UK, than their generic counterparts, they are typically able to withstand much more rigorous footfall and damage. Hence, heavy duty tape is usually expected to have a much longer life than standard options. This provides a notable benefit in ensuring professionalism for your firm. Furthermore, as stated prior, your team could spend their time on more important jobs, since they won’t need to waste time reapplying marking tape that’s begun to peel away.

    Final Thoughts

    Heavy duty marking tape is becoming increasingly popular, especially in areas (such as warehouses or around checkouts) where footfall is heavy and regular. As such, if you have been thinking about investing in heavy duty marking tape, now could be the right time. Don’t compromise; find the ideal marking solution for your business’ needs with our team today!

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